Clickable map of the western USA Yosemite National Park San Fransisco Death Valley National Park Leaving Las Vegas Durango and the Rocky Mountains Mountainbiking in Crested Butte Mountainbiking in Moab Bryce National Park Canyon de Chelly National Monument In the summer of 1995, Paul Scheppers, Raph de Rooij, Geneviève van Beek, Michel Buijsman, Geert Kessel and Paul Knijff spent their vacation on a mountainbike in the USA. Part of it was a bicycle tour and the other part a mountainbike vacation in Crested Butte (Colorado) and Moab (Utah).

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An example of the pictures on this website: Death Valley An example of the pictures on this website: Gunsight Pass near Crested Butte An example of the pictures on this website: The Portal Trail near Moab

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